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Advance Technical Analysis - Duration | 36 hours

Advance Technical Analysis is a program designed to mould into Professional Traders, Portfolio Managers. To get consistency in trading, Identifying major trends - Bull Markets, Bear Markets and Market Cycles, this program covers all aspects. It’s an indepth comprehensive program.

Advance Technical Analysis program covers :

Bull Market, Bear Market and behaviour of stocks/sectors in these phases. Market scenarios that enable to understand the phase we are in. This understanding can help traders to adopt right trend approach to be successful

Highly successful wave count that can help identify the trend, direction and next wave with the potential move the stock can make. Many proprietory traders, HNI’s, Institutions, Research and Advisory companies essentially use elliot wave in their trade / investment plan.

Whatever is technical trend or Fundamental Performance, finally Funds drive the markets, sectors, stocks. Funds Flow are essential to establish direction of various financial securities in the world. Monetory policy , Policy decisions, Market sentiment, drive the Funds into profitable segments.

Technical Trend changes that are crucial to understand the direction of Market and sectors help understand future course of action. This will enable to design the direction in which the trades have to be focussed. If one ignores this, all the money made in a particular period can be completely lost.

A macro outlook of market cycle is one thing that will override everything in economics and fundamentals. A presidential cycle is one of the crucial one to establish a bull market. Knowledge of this will help deploy all energies at the right time to earn enormous wealth.

MACD is a common indicator which explains the trend. However, KST, ROC, Trend deviation indicators will give more insight into major changes in trends. More such indicators that can help understand and trade confidently first time everytime.

Patterns that are highly successful which are shortlisted after deep research of centuries of data will throw light on the right pattern that can be adopted with huge success. These will change the way one sees at the trend and trades whether it is index, sector, stock, commodity or even currency.

In financial markets, there are various segments, securities all over the world – equity, commodity, currency, bonds, Bitcoins. Everything has a relation and co-exist. A pattern of the relationship among various such segments can broaden the vision and derive solution as to future direction of market with utmost precision. It takes decades to understand such relationships. An insight on such relationship is essential to everyone.

Japanese have introduced Candlesticks, World has adopted it. If one can adopt candlesticks rightly, a successful trade can give not only profit but also right approach to trading.

A certificate is provided by us to all participants. People who pursue this program can write International Certification in Technical analysis – Chartered Market Technician(CMT) / Certified Financial Technician(CFTe).

People who have advance technical analysis knowledge, people who have CMT certification, People who have CFTe certification can become a Professional Trader, Proprietory Trader, Portfolio Manager, Technical Analyst in India or any part of the world. CMT certified people are exempted from Series 86 exams in US.

Proprietory Trading companies, Research Companies, Advisory companies, Portfolio Management Companies, Investment advisory companies, Mutual Fund Companies appoint Technical Analysts