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Its an Online & Classroom Programme

Futures & Options Trading Strategies | 15 Hrs

Low Risk High Profit

Derivatives are Instruments which help people protect portfolios in any markets. Derivatives allow people to speculate in Bull Markets and Bear Markets. Any variations in prices and relations within Securities are well encashed with Arbitrage trades.

This program addresses all issues relating to Basics of Derivatives, Valuation of Derivative Securities and Design a Strategy to minimize risk and Maximize Profits. Interesting point about this program is, it helps traders / Investors to find opportunities with Very Less Investment and earn multibagger returns in few days / few hours especially in Nifty, Banknifty.

Those who want to make big returns during Events (example Budget, Results, Fed Meeting, Policy announcements) with less Risk and Big Profits, designing a proper straddle or strangle trade can earn amounts equal to what one can earn in one year or two years.

Our Strategy

Weeky Options Strategies in Banknifty can find opportunities regularly to traders who can risk small money but can earn big returns in few hours.

Protective Put, Protective Call will help traders of Derivatives avoid any stoploss. As stoploss is never followed, these strategies will help derivative traders hold the trade till it is profitable with limited defined risk.

Timing of trade is difficult in Derivatives. Our strategy may be right but timing may be wrong. To address this Nifty provides a long term derivative strategy which are almost sure shot trades which can earn 5 – 10% in a trade with high probability


About Program

Most important aspect of this program is to find trade opportunities with near to zero risk strategies that make traders trade with comfort in whatever situation.

People who complete this program can write NISM – Equity Derivatives module which is mandatory to become a Dealer / Equity Advisor / Analyst / Associate Member / Sub – Broker / Broker.

Program Covers
  •  Futures
  •  Options
  •  Call strategies
  •  Put Strategies
  •  Spread Strategies
  •  Protective Strategies
  •  Straddles
  •  Payoffs
  •  Strangles
  •  Pricing
  •  Intrinsic Value
  •  Time Value
  •  Open Interest/Premiums
  •  and their importance in identifying market direction.
Suitable for
  •  Derivative traders
  •  Investors
  •  Speculative traders
  •  Housewives
  •  Working professionals
  •  Commodity traders
  •  Currency traders